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Logo Design

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I’ve been looking at rebranding my logo for a while now. I’ve had this logo since 2012. As much as I love the classy stylings of 1930’s Art Deco Design, over time, I didn’t feel it spoke to who I was anymore.

Every time I looked at it, I thought “Jay Gatsby”. While I enjoyed The Great Gatsby (and Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Redford), “Gatsby” really isn’t who I am.

Enter a new and updated font design! The font I chose was Eurostile. In my research I found out that Eurostile was developed in 1962 by an Italian named Aldo Novarese. It’s considered a geometric sans-serif font. Believe it or not, the design was reminiscent of the shape of TV sets of that era! I think what’s fascinating about it was it took from the 1920’s-1930’s history of the geometric sans and brought it to the 1960’s with advances in technology. Now looking at back it 55 years later in 2017, the rounded edges of the font remind me of the shape of my iPhone and its apps on my screen! I like that this font as a feeling of a little bit of old, but a little bit of new.

I’ve been going back and forth for the last week and a half checking out logos and seeing the newest trends. I’ve noticed this year there are trends for minimalism and gradients. I really like that clean and simplistic look. I’m a bit of an old soul with an old-school work ethic – so I wanted to keep those values intact by choosing a vintage font. I started looking at vintage badge designs, but after much research felt the trend was overdone. I’m looking for something more timeless. Something that I don’t have to re-design in the next 5-10 years. I also wanted something to stand on it’s own as I like to dabble in a variety of art media. Graphic Design is my home base, but I really enjoy Photography, Mixed Media and other artmaking forms. I didn’t want to block myself in knowing I like to explore…

This new logo speaks more feminine to me than the last logo and exudes strength and class. I’ve chosen to keep the maroon and black of my last logo for unity with the original brand. Maroon and black go back to when I was a design student at LIU Post.

I think it will look great on a rounded edged business card!

Next step: Rebuilding the website

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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